Our History


KingsWay Preschools were born out of a vision held by founding member Graham Braddock to offer Christian education to children throughout the community. We are among those walking in fulfillment of that vision.

We are owned by KingsWay Trust and are a registered charity, serving the community since 1983.

Originally run from Red Beach Methodist Church under the founding teacher Hilary Monk, we are now spread across several sites and can cater for many families.

We have grown from a staff of three teachers in 1983 to a much larger team today.

We offer all children from the community an opportunity to participate in our programme, you don’t have to belong to a church or have a religious affiliation to attend.


Our Learning Environment


With modern learning facilities, KingsWay Preschools offer quality in every area of care.

Fluidity, flexibility and fun. We believe children should learn at their own pace, unhurried, and with plenty of free play. That means teachers engage the children on their level - observing, noticing, recognising and responding to what the child is doing.

We combine the NZ Early Childhood Education Curriculum with our Biblical Curriculum giving the children a holistic foundation to enable each one to develop a love of learning.

Each space has been created with best teaching practice in mind, and supervision is made easy. Well resourced, the core curriculum offered daily overflows into extension activities and provides for a diversity of ongoing learning opportunities.


Transition to School Programme


Transitioning into school is a time to be celebrated. When a child reaches 4 ½ years-old we offer an individually customised programme to help them transition smoothly and adjust quickly to starting school.

The programme is modified for each child individually by teachers and includes learning in the fields of pre-writing, maths, phonics, numeracy and literacy.

While we recognise some structure through the day is important for children, a lot of skills needed for school will be taught throughout existing activities and play.

We take the opportunities presented throughout the day to teach children skills like listening during mat time, putting lunch boxes away and talking to others at the lunch table, all of which help in preparing children for their next step in education.


Our Board of Directors


KingsWay Preschools are governed by a Board of Directors. The board determines policy setting and strategic goals that are consistent with the aims and objectives of the Kingsway Trust.

They meet regularly to review progress, providing advice, guidance and direction to the management team where needed.  
The partnership is a highly effective one where roles, responsibilities and boundaries are clearly defined and respected by all.


Family Care


We love helping create and support healthy, happy communities and families. We recognise the value of strengthening links between home and our preschools. When your child is enrolled in our preschools you are welcomed into our community.

As part of our support for parents and families we have a team of volunteers prepared to lend a helping hand where needed. We invite you as new parents to become part of the team of volunteers and encourage you to utilise any of the areas of support you may feel the need for.

Some of what we can offer support with include:

  • Providing meals or transport in times of need
  • New baby packs
  • New family morning teas
  • Parenting courses and a parent library
  • Prayer
  • Supporting families of children with additional needs
  • Social functions
  • Information and referrals to other community services (e.g. budgeting, counselling)
We look forward to connecting with you and would really value having you included as part of our Preschool community. If you would like any more information on any of the above, please don’t hesitate to speak to our Centre Leader or Administrator.
— Debbie Stratton, Manager

Parent's Feedback

The team is wonderfully attentive and authentic in their care for the little ones. They seem to have struck the perfect balance between structure, free play, and creativity.
— Annaliese Hewitt
My three children all have very different personalities and all three have absolutely thrived at KingsWay Preschools. Every day I walk into the centre there are different creative activities and play stations set up, no one day is never the same. The office and centre managers are very engaged with the parents, and are always willing to go the extra mile for our family needs.
— Michelle Tuohy
We are very happy with their curriculum, especially the biblical content of learning, which is vital when kids are establishing the foundation of their values. KingsWay Preschools are a wonderful place for any kids to start their earlier years of learning and social development.
— Sonny and Claire Jing